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Introducing our Custom Rhinestone Xbox Controller with Four Remapabble Back Buttons, designed to elevate your gaming experience to the next level. This stylish controller allows for a unique back button customization option, giving you additional controls at your fingertips. With 4 remappable back buttons and 6 different profiles that can be saved on memory, you'll have endless possibilities for customization. Whether you prefer mouse click triggers for FPS shooters or trigger stops for a more versatile gaming experience, this controller has got you covered. Take control of your game like never before with our Custom Rhinestone Controller with Four Remapabble Back Buttons for Xbox Series X/S from GG Custom Controllers.


Please Note: Build time for these custom controllers is between 14-21 days. You will be notified when your order is received, is being prepared/built or is finished being built and being shipped.

Custom Rhinestone Xbox Series X/S Controller with Four Remapabble Back Buttons

GST/HST Included
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