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Looking to save a little bit of money? Then check out our prebuilt/24 hour shipping selection. Introducing our Grey Camouflage PS5 controller with 2 Remapabble Back Paddles and Mouse Click Triggers -  GG Customs' entry level controller to help elevate your gaming experience. This controller is designed with mouse click triggers for instant response time, giving you the competitive edge in any game. The two remapabble back paddles are strategically placed where your hands naturally rest, and are customizable to any button on the controller. With these paddles, you'll never have to take your fingers off the joysticks in those intense FPS fights, allowing for greater control and precision. Elevate your gaming performance and style with our Custom Grey Camouflage PS5 Controller with 2 Remapabble Back Paddles and Mouse Click Triggers - the perfect addition to your gaming setup.


This controller comes with a FREE Type C Charger and a FREE carrying case!


Custom Grey Camouflage Ps5 FPS Silver with Two Remapabble Back Paddles

GST/HST Included
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